Summer of 2017 Wildlife Encounters will introduce you to amazing animals from all over the world!  Get ready for a fun, exciting and educational program for the entire family!  

How can you help build a better world?  It's simple, by reading! Reading is key to gaining knowledge about our natural world and the animals that live within it.  If you want to help not only your future, but our planet pick up a book and read!

Wildlife Encounters will bring 6-7 animal ambassadors to your library for a 40-45 minute exciting interactive educational program.  We discuss animals adaptations, history, geography, and cool facts about each animal while encouraging kids and adults to pick up a book and read about each of these amazing animals.  

All we require from the library is a table(any style will work) and access to electricity.  We provide the PA system, backdrop, etc.  

If you have any questions feel free to email or call.  Thank you!