Frequently Asked Questions

As a new customer, you may have some questions about our business. Listed here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to call us at (402) 618-6006 or send us an email at

Event Reservation

  • Where can I schedule Wildlife Encounters for an event?

  • The time I need for my event is not listed. Can I schedule it for another time during the day?

  • How far in advance can I schedule my event?

    • We recommend scheduling no more than four months in advance.

  • When is the latest I can schedule my event?

    • We ask that you please schedule a minimum of four days before the day of the event, that way we can prepare the best experience for everyone involved.

  • Can I schedule multiple events?

    • Yes! Once you’ve scheduled an event, you can begin the scheduling process again to schedule additional events.

  • What animals can be brought out for events?

    • Alligator

    • Red Footed Tortoise

    • Fennec Fox

    • Snake (Boa Constrictor or similar)

    • African Hedgehog

    • Bearded Dragons

    • Parrot (Macaw or Sun Conure)

    • Patagonian Cavy/Mara

    • Madagascar Hissing Roaches

    • Blue Tongue Skink

    • Glass Lizard

    • Tarantula

    • (weather restrictions apply)

School Programs

  • What do the school programs offer?

    • Our "Wild About Animals" program brings animals from all over the world right to you! Students and teachers will learn about each animal’s habitat, adaptations, environmental role and what we can do to help the animals we share this planet with.

  • We have many different students across multiple grades. How modular are the programs you offer?

    • Wildlife Encounters offers a great way to educate and entertain large groups of students. Programs can be customized for small classrooms, grade levels, large assemblies, etc.

  • Will a program be able to fit into our current class curriculum?

    • We can accommodate many themes including biomes, food chain/web, adaptations, and more.

  • Are these events offered during Summer School?

    • Our award winning school assemblies are offered in the summer too! 


  • How do workshops differ from school programs?

    • Workshops include one or two large assemblies in the morning and then break out into smaller groups throughout the day. Workshops are a great way for students to get one-on-one interaction with the speaker and animals. We can dive deeper into specific categories and questions like animal related career fields, biomes, the food chain, classification system, and more.

Birthday Parties

  • How long do the birthday parties last?

    • Around 40-45 minute for the show, with an additional 15 minutes for set up and 15 minutes for take down,

  • What can you do to make my birthday boy/girl feel special?

    • The birthday child will be the star of the show by being our "Junior Zookeeper" and helping hands on with some of the animals. Including activities like feeding a banana to a tortoise, call up their friends to help hold a 6-foot-long snake, or place hissing cockroaches on their parents and friends.

  • How much does a party cost?

    • Birthday parties are $275 if held within Omaha and surrounding suburbs (Gretna, Papillion, Bellevue, Elkhorn, and Bennington). Classroom birthday parties are $225. Classroom parties are held at the child's school's classroom during school hours. If the party is held outside of Omaha the cost may vary.

  • I don’t think my home is suitable for the animals/I don’t want to hold the party at my home. What venues could host the event?

  • Can a birthday party be held at our home?

    • Yes! The birthday party can be held inside your home, garage, or in the backyard.  If deciding to hold the presentation in the garage or outside, there are certain weather restrictions. We must adhere to ensure the animals are comfortable. Please see our Birthday Party Guidelines & Tips sheet for information on holding a party outside. 

  • How many children can attend a birthday party?

    • We do not put a limit on the number of children that can attend a birthday party.

  • What days of the week and times are birthday parties offered?

    • Birthday parties can be held seven days a week in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

  • How much time do you need to set up?

    • We arrive about 15-20 minutes before the start time to get set up. The set up and take down process take about 15 minutes, each.

  • How much time in advance do we need to schedule a birthday party?

    • We ask that you schedule your party at least four days in advance, so we can prepare the best experience for your party.

Scout Programs

  • How long do the scout programs run?

    • Our program brings 6-7 animal ambassadors to your scouts for an educational and fun 45 minute program.

  • What can I expect from the scout program?

    • The program involves hands on involvement, questions and discussing information such as wildlife conservation, animal adaptations, animal differences, geography, and cool facts about each animal ambassador. We also give scouts the opportunity to ask questions as we feel that is an imperative part of learning.


  • How much does a Corporate Event cost?

    • To schedule a Corporate event, please get in contact with us by sending an email to ( or give us a call at (402-618-6006).

  • How long does a scheduled event last?

    • Around 40-45 minute for the show, with an additional 15 minutes for set up and 15 minutes for take down,

  • Can you accommodate our event space (either indoor or outdoor)?

    • We have a wide arrangement of different set ups and displays that fit both indoor and outdoor settings. If needed, we can be completely self-contained with a portable hydraulic stage complete with sound and decorations.

  • How long can we schedule you for?

    • Whether you want us for a day, weekend or a week we are prepared.

Summer Reading Program

  • What can I expect from the reading program?

    • Wildlife Encounters will bring 6 animal ambassadors to your library for a 40 to 45 minute exciting interactive educational program. We discuss animals’ adaptations, history, geography, and cool facts about each animal while encouraging kids and adults to pick up a book and read about each of these amazing animals.

  • What resources do you require from the library for the reading program?

    • All we require from the library is a table (any style will work) and access to electricity. We provide the PA system, backdrop, etc.

Animal Rescue

  • I know an animal that needs help, but I want my identity to be kept secret. What can you do?


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