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Wildlife Encounters School Assemblies

Take a journey with us as we explore our world’s amazing habitats and the animals that live within them!  Wildlife Encounters award winning, highly entertaining and educational school assemblies and workshops allow students to meet and learn about some of the worlds most amazing animals. 

Our "Wild About Animals" program brings animals from all over the world right to you!  Students and teachers will learn about each animals habitat, adaptations, environmental role and what we can do to help the animals we share this planet with.  Programs can be customized for small classrooms, grade levels, large assemblies and workshops.  

Wildlife Encounters School Assembly


Wildlife Encounters offers a great way to educate and entertain large groups of students.  Students love seeing animals from all over the world in their school.  

Wildlife Encounters School Assemblies


Is your grade or class studying a specific theme or curriculum?  We can accommodate many themes including biomes, food chain/web, adaptations, and more!

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Wildlife Encounters School Programs


Animals are a great way to join parents, students and teachers together!  Students will love seeing their parents called up as volunteers to hold a HUGE boa constrictor!


Our award winning school assemblies are offered in the summer too!