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birthday party guidelines

To Reserve a Date
Parties must be paid in full at the time of booking and $75 of the full payment is considered a non-refundable deposit.

Inside the home - the main level of a home typically is best for temperature for the animals.  Basements can work as well but during winter they may need to be heated to ensure proper temperature.  If you do have pets inside the home it will work best if they are in a different area than the animals.  **Winter birthday parties: Please ensure we have a place to park in the driveway.  This allows the presenters to easily bring animals into the home. 

Garage -  the garage works great for birthdays as it’s a nice open area.  Garage doors can be open or closed to allow more room (depending on outside temperature).  During cold months the garage needs to be warm, minimum of 78 degrees during winter.  During the summer the garage would need to stay cool (we bring a fan with to ensure we have nice cool air flowing during summer).  

Outdoors - holding the program outside may be a possibility depending on weather.  In warm weather we need a LARGE cool fully shaded area with access to electricity.  If temperature is to hot/cold for the animals we may not be able to hold the program outdoors.  We must have something towards our back (fence, wall, etc) for a presenting area.  For outdoor programs we have to ensure the animals have a comfortable temperature. 

Due to weather restrictions we can not guarantee a program can be held outdoors or in a garage.  Our number one priority is ensuring the animals have a comfortable environment.

Classroom or other facility - No special considerations needed.

The presenter will arrive approximately 15/20 minutes before the start time to get set up.  If possible having an open parking space would be appreciated to allow easy transport of the animals. 

During Set Up
In the area where the program is held we ask for a quiet calm area.  Animals have very good hearing so having a nice quiet area during set up is appreciated. 

Start Time
The time we schedule is the start time for the program.  We will arrive about 15/20 minutes before the start time to get set up.  The presentation will last about 40-45 minutes.  Our program can be held in the beginning, middle or end of the party, whichever works best for you. A common questions is "What time should we put on the invites?".  We would reccomend having guest arrive before our start time.  This allows them to get settled in.  

The Program
6 animal ambassadors will visit and teach the kids about a variety of wildlife topics.  The birthday child will have the opportunity to be our “animal helper” during the program.  Some animals have more opportunities for interaction than others.  We can never 100% guarantee a specific animal to visit, but will try and accommodate any animal request.  We want you to have the BEST birthday party ever so let us know what we can do to make that happen!

Weather Cancellations
If we need to cancel due to unsafe weather conditions we will receive a full refund, change your date/time or apply payment towards a future party, whichever your prefer.  Unsafe weather conditions can include but not limited to:
- Hazardous Road Conditions (Ice, Snow, Sleet, etc)
- Extremely Cold Weather - If the weather has been determined to be to cold for the animals to go outside the program may have to be canceled. 
- Blizzards
- Ice Storms
- Tornados

Terms & Conditions
Our terms and conditions can be found at: https://www.wildlifeencounters.org/terms-and-conditions. By booking a birthday party you agree to our Terms and Conditions and to follow our birthday party guidelines.

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