Top 5 Animal Birthday Party Themes

Top 5 Animal Birthday Party Themes 

5.  Jungle/Safari Theme
A jungle and/or safari theme can be done on any budget small or large and still look great!  And your friends will think you spend the whole day before staging!  The food, crafts and decorations here can be used for numerous other party themes as well.  There are sooo many household items which can easily be introduced as a 'themed' item.  Take a look below:
Food: Bananas or "Monkey Treats", green twizzlers are "Jungle Vines", Animal Cracks (no need to do any work here), green gatorade is "Swamp Water", chocolate fountain is a "Mud Bath" and the list goes on.  The creativity here can be limitless.
Crafts: Toilet paper rolls can be become binoculars, 
Decorations: Green paper can be rolled into vines, cardboard boxes can be "Dangerous Animal Inside Boxes!", 


4.  Super Heroes
Batman, Spider-man, Wolverine are some of the more popular animal themed super heroes but there are tons more!  Each child can come dressed in their favorite characters costume and you can have games around superpowers!  At Wildlife Encounters we have presented at many super hero parties presenting about each animals super powers! 


3.  Jumanji
Jumanji is HUGE right now!  With the release of the new rendition of the film with The Rock.  During the day you can inforporate many of the Jungle/Safari themed ideas we listed above.  If its a sleep over the kids can stay up late and watch the old Jumanji with Robin Williams and then (if they can stay away long enough) watch the new Jumanji.  


2.  Pokemon
Who doesn't love catching cute little creatures!  With a Pokemon party kids can spend their time searching for Pokemon (via the game or printed cut outs of each Pokemon character).  This can be done inside or outside the home.  


1.  Wild Kratts!
Wild Kratts is always a popular options for kids of all ages.  Many of the above party ideas can be incorporated into this theme.  The jungle/safari ideas work great!  Kids can use their "Creature Powers" to play games like potato sack races, how far can you jump like a kangaroo, best animal impressions, who can run fast like a cheetah and the list goes on!

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